Healthy Business Advisory established Wodding, a sub-holding equipped with innovative start-ups, handling the recycling of wood and the production of pallet blocks and pressed pallets.

HBA has secured partnership with IMAL (link to website) PAL, a Modena-based company, global leader in the manufacturing of wood treatment and recycling machineries.

Alongside with HBA, IMAL will bankroll 6 subsidized SPV’ s: Termoli Tarquinia, Scurcula Marsicana and Palazzolo dello Stella, in Italy as well as projects in Lithuania and Spain. Furthermore, IMAIL is set to aquire shares in the SPV promoting the projects.

Business Model

The Wooding project promotes a business model based upon Circular economy, transforming waste into 100% sustainable packaging materials.

HBA is in charge of scouting the appropriate locations, preparing the project and supervising supllies. Furthermore, it is tasked with managing the plant, negotiation with potential clients as well as handling authorization procedures.