Research and

Healthy Business Advisory is considerably committed to research and development, through pairing up local research centers alongside their structures aimed at enhancing technical and scientific proficiency.

HBA is an ESG focused technical advisor, management company operating on behalf of organizations interested in investing in circular economy as well as renewable energies, primarily focused on research and innovation.


HBA has identified four core research sectors to be digitized. The goal is to ensure loans, facilitate decisional processes and, subsequently, attract further ventures:

The inestimable value of new skill acquisition applicable in our everyday life results in economic growth, environmental enhancement as well as a boost in the quality of life.


Biofuel production such as biogas, hydrogen and bio-oils, are an effective response to the lack of fossil fuel stockpiles whilst promoting a sustainable alternative.

Renewable energy production and and energy storage capacitors

Implementation of agrovoltaic technology, CO2 storage system and management of self-sustaining energy generators and capacitors.

Recycling and innovative construction materials

Socially sensitive research reclaiming marine plastic debris, promoting river cleaning practices, by-producing environmentally friendly derivates and exploitment of innovative materials such as natural adhesives.

High Tech Farming

Research hub for innovative ideas to be implemented in agricultural settings: liquid and solid compost exploitation, live algae culture and treatment, by-product active ingredients extraction, new pecision farming techniques and aeroponic culture.