Our units

Greenteam designs biomethane production plants by implementing Circular economy models and bybringing economic growth and added benefits to local communities.

Each factory is part of a SPV, smart green. Thus far, there are 40 actively operating SPVs. Our goal is get to 60 biomethane production plants.

Healthy Business Advisory established Wodding, a sub-holding equipped with innovative start-ups handling the recycling of wood and the production of pallet blocks and pressed pallets.
HBA has secured partnership with IMAL (link to website) PAL, a Modena-based company, global leader in the manufacturing of wood treatment and recycling machineries.
Alongside with HBA, IMAL will bankroll 6 subsidized SPVs: Termoli Tarquinia, Scurcula Marsicana e Palazzolo dello Stella, in Italy as well as projects in Lithuania and Spain. Furthermore, IMAIL is set to aquire shares in the SPV promoting the projects.

Healthy Business Advisory is a technical advisor for  Artemisia Energy Fund, close-end fund which owns P&G SGR.
This fund endorses 4 branches: biofuel, biomethane, wood and plastic (TBD) recycling and photovoltaic.
Being a Fund anchor investor, HBA has guaranteed Artemisia's expansion through substantial investments and committment to new ventures. Artemisia Energy Fund is entirely subsidized by Italian assets. HBA takes on a role of advisor as well as technical consultant to the Program Manager.

Healthy Business Advisory is both a shareholder as well as technical and financial advisor for Biocell Energy.
It puts together Circular economy and groundbreaking agriculture plants, such as precision farming.

Healthy Business Advisory strategically partners up with multiple organizations, oftentimes simultaneously being a shareholder. Matchub operates both in the hydroelectric and photovoltaic sector.

Bright Future Real Assets is a joint venture between  HBA and Sherpax, a Global Management Consulting company operating within the UAE, resulting in a consulting company specializing in energy, real estate properties and infrastructures. The careful selection of purposeful investments aims at generating long-term value for stockholders, as well as helping local social and economic growth.
BFRA will supervise ecopallet production projects throughout the UAE (Dubai).

This is a Collective business model aimed at connecting Crypto-Verse with real economy by means of Crypto-Crowdfounding.  It cherrypicks companies in emerging markets that are deeply committed to high-tech. It gathers initial fundings, it zeros in on business goals and it facilitates further capital accumulation from traditional investors.

This company handles BlockChain technology with the goal of adding value to "Real World" ventures: it handpicks, analyzes and supports companies with their effort to transition from the "Real World" to the "Crypto-Verse World".
HBA operates as a technical advisor.

Investo converts an idea into a profitable venture enhancing environment, economic and social sustainability. It provides a tangible implementation of sustainability principles in our everyday life.
Healthy Business Advisory is a founding member of Investo, a certified innovative start-ups incubator aimed at probing circular economy and sustainable ventures.
Investo marks an opportunity for start-ups focused on having a sustainable impact within their business and providing innovative solutions aimed at boosting the green footprint of single individuals.

Agri Energy is an innovative startup specializing in the combination of advanced agricultural technologies and production of energy from renewable sources.

The aim of Intelligent Cultivar is to exploit the productive potential of agricultural activity, ensuring greater efficiency in terms of quality and efficiency, and at the same time increase the value of the energy production system.


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.