Hydroelectric and
Photovoltaic Systems

Healthy Business Advisory strategically partners up with multiple organizations, oftentimes simultaneously being a shareholder. Matchub operates both in the hydroelectric and photovoltaic sector.

Under the umbrella of their mother company HBA, Matchub is present in 16 regions throughout Italy with a plethora of projects. Our scouting of the territory has allowed us to map out several areas suitable for photovoltaic development. Ground-mounted photovoltaic plants located in inactive quarries and industrial areas. Solar panels mounted on greenhouses farmed by HBA vehicles as well as agrivoltaics on large farms.

Stakeholder Partnerships

During the initial stages, HBA partners up with relevant local stakeholdes with the aim of merging the project with the socioeconomic and agricultural fabric.

Specifically, HBA has exclusive authority in developing agrovoltaic structures. They oversee planning, authorization procedures, development and management of agricultural activities carried out within the project.